Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is a global multi-stakeholder partnership present in 76 countries to support the transformation of education systems, one of which is Indonesia, officially becoming a GPE partner as of December 2022. In Indonesia, the partnership with GPE is managed by the Local Education Group (LEG), which currently consists of 15 organizations including local education organizations and communities, as well as bilateral, multilateral, and development partners. Led by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology along with the Ministry of Religious Affairs acting as Co-Chairs, LEG aims to accelerate the efforts of the government and all education stakeholders in transforming education in Indonesia.

PSPK Roles

PSPK is the Co-Coordinating Agency for Mitra Pendidikan Indonesia (MPI), a consortium of major education development institutions in Indonesia, with the following roles:

  • Maintaining engagement and collaboration among the MPI members and to ensure the alignment between MPI initiatives and the government’s policies.
  • Ensuring that all activities of System Capacity Grant Phase 1 are carried out collaboratively and involve all education stakeholders, especially in the preparation of the Partnership Compact document.
  • Actively involved in the process of applying for the Multiplier Grant, including assisting the Co-Chairs in exploring potential partners as co-financing partners, preparing Expressions of Interest to GPE, and organizing meetings/discussions with LEG members about the Multiplier Grant.
  • Leading the National Steering Committee for Indonesia for the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) in coordinating various activities supporting education policy research for Indonesia.
Through its involvement in KIX, PSPK gains access to various activities supporting policy research.Ensuring the collaborative use of GPE grants by involving all stakeholders in the Indonesian education system. Furthermore, ensuring that GPE grants are utilized effectively to provide quality education for every child.


Our main partners are the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology and the Ministry of Religious Affairs as Co-Chairs, as well as the Global Partnership for Education organization as the grantor. Other partners are stakeholders in the Indonesian education system who are members of the Indonesian Education Partners, which include:

  1. Article 33
  2. Asian Development Bank
  3. Australian DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
  4. Islamic Development Bank
  5. Jaringan Pemantau Pendidikan Indonesia
  6. Lembaga Pendidikan Ma’arif NU
  7. Majelis Dikdasmen PP Muhammadiyah
  8. Plan International Indonesia
  9. Save the Children Indonesia
  10. Semua Murid Semua Guru
  11. SMERU Research Institute
  12. The World Bank
  13. UK FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office)
  14. UNICEF Indonesia


  • Conducting the selection of a Grant Agent for the DFAT Multiplier Grant worth USD 25 million (Save The Children).
  • Approaching and facilitating potential Co-Financers for the Multiplier Grant
  • Implementing the Annual Joint Sector Review (AJSR) 2023.
  • Establishing the National Steering Committee for Knowledge Innovation Exchange (KIX) EMAP for Indonesia.

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