Vocational High School Center of Excellence (SMKPK)

Vocational education should not only focus on producing skilled workers but also individuals who are capable of critical thinking and have character. Various policies related to vocational education, from the curriculum to the Vocational High School Center of Excellence (SMK PK) program, need to be continuously monitored to improve the quality of vocational education.

PSPK Roles

Support in conducting studies, monitoring and evaluating, as well as assisting in the formulation of policies related to vocational education.


Directorate General of Vocational Education


  • Assisting in designing the Vocational High School (SMK) Partnership and Competency Program (PK) 2023.
  • Assisting in the evaluation process of SMK PK 2023 (10 Types of Evaluation).
  • Assisting in consolidating all evaluations of SMK PK 2023 as material for reflection and recommendations for the design of SMK PK 2024.
  • Assisting in creating and revising academic studies of the SMK PK program.
  • Creating and agreeing on the direction of SMK project work in 2024, which has been approved by the Directorate General of Vocational Education with a proportion of 20% assisting the Center, and 80% assisting the regions.

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